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Return Policy

Updated 01/01/2024


If there are any changes in the optical properties of your gemstone, which our Limited Lifetime Warranty covers, you can return it. Please get in touch with our customer service for assistance if you receive a defective loose gem or if it develops any issues in the future. However, please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges solely to change the color or shape of the gemstones, as they have unique characteristics and are susceptible to color variations. A receipt or proof of purchase is required to complete a return claim.


  • Gemstones Without Warranty Card: We do not accept loose gemstones that do not come with their respective warranty card.
  • Unregistered Gemstones: We only accept loose gemstones with an active warranty, already registered on Luminaq’s system.
  • Gemstones Set on Jewelry: Loose gemstones already set on a jewelry piece will not be accepted.
  • Damaged or Chipped Gemstones: We do not accept loose gemstones that are damaged or chipped due to misuse.
  • Incomplete Sets: Gemstones that are part of a set but are missing other components will not be accepted.
  • Non-Genuine Gemstones: Loose gemstones found to be non-genuine Luminaq will not be accepted.
  • Non-Returnable Gemstones: Certain gemstones, such as Lab-Grown Diamonds, are non-returnable due to their rarity and unique characteristics.
  • Altered Gemstones: Loose gemstones that have been altered, treated, or enhanced in any way will not be accepted for return.
  • Sale Items: Loose gemstones on sale are not eligible for return.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and additional conditions may apply. We recommend contacting our customer service for further information regarding specific gemstones and circumstances.


Please note that any shipping and insurance costs incurred for loose gemstone returns are the customer’s sole responsibility and will not be refunded if we fully or partially accept your refund claim. Our company is not liable for lost or damaged packages during the return shipping process. We recommend using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. We cannot guarantee the receipt of your returned item.


Per industry standards, returned items will be inspected thoroughly to assess their original condition. Upon completing the inspection, you will receive an email notification regarding receiving your returned item and our decision to accept or reject the refund claim. If any refund claim is accepted, it will be processed and applied to your original payment method within 5-10 business days.


At our discretion, we may accept the return of an item after a thorough quality inspection. In such cases, a restocking fee of 20% of the returned item’s price may be charged, provided it meets our quality standards.


If ten (10) business days have passed and you have not received a refund, please contact your bank. Refunds may take some time to be processed and reflected in your account and statement. Please contact us if you have completed the above steps and have not received the refund.


Exchanges are only available for defective or damaged items. Please note that the time for the exchanged item to reach you may vary depending on the shipping destination. Once an item has been exchanged, no further exchanges can be made on the same order.

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